Our Statement

Jamie's Statement  - New Doomsday Owner

Firstly, i am so excited to be apart of DoomsdayCo and can't wait to help get Doomsday back to where it should be!

I started High Dive Apparel in 2017 and have admired DoomsdayCo ever since. I got an email mid June from the administrators asking if i was interested in any assets or brand. We have all seen bad reviews and comments and from the outside Doomsday seemed like they lacked organisation but still made a amazing products. I was able to speak to Corey on the phone about, just, what went wrong. Corey explained just how much stuff had gone wrong for him and doomsday over the previous 3 years and i felt the brand was so strong, i could help. So i made an offer to Corey to get this done together and put an offer to the administrators and by the end of June it had gone through and we now owned all Doomsdays assets and branding - But, and i can not stress this enough! We DO NOT have access to Doomsday's original shopify/ paypal/ bank/ or email accounts. Those are still owned by the administrators.

I am taking over all the business details, all the nitty gritty shiitty stuff and giving the best damn customer service i can while we manage what goes out our door and how fast! My main aim is to keep orders being printed and out our door in 1-3 working days! We manage that on 98% of our orders at High Dive and expect that standard to continue to DoomsdayCo.

But Corey is Doomsday -Doomsday is Corey! He built this brand from nothing since he was 15. After speaking to him we thought we would be great to do this together! So Corey is in charge of everything fun and artsy because we all know he makes stuff look good! And his eye for art and attention to detail is incredible.

So between us we hope to make DoomsdayCo unstoppable!





Corey's Statement

Hi guys, We have some important information for all the legends that stuck around and didn’t unfollow the 10 journey of Doomsdayco

After having time to reflect and establish the flaws within the business it was obvious that without some outside help doomsday would never be a company that people would trust again.

After a few conversations with Jamie from @highdiveapparel there was no question about who and how we’d get there. With his 5* reputation for excellent customer service and extremely fast delivery times together we realised that along his resources, systems and guidance doomsday would be able to be reborn with the service everyone always wanted for the company.

It’s time to do this properly, fast delivery times and a transparent business. To all those who messaged about the next venture, there won’t be one.. Doomsday is back better than ever before. If you want to show your support, nows the time. I’d appreciate it more than you guys can imagine

To all those who still feel wronged or are unsatisfied by this I urge you to send me a message, Let’s figure this out.

And for those who simply want a deeper understanding into what happened, we’ll be working on a short film video that will explain everything over the next few months.

Huge thanks,