Our Story

We are an independent streetwear brand based in Bridgend, South Wales (UK).

Our journey started back in 2012 with a massive passion for traditional tattoos. Being too young to get tattooed, we decided to find ways of showcasing the art we loved. We did this through getting the designs printed onto t-shirts and hoodies. 

After establishing a name for ourselves, we decided back in 2016 to begin producing our own garments. We did this to make sure our customers not only had a choice of the best traditional designs, but received them on the best quality garments. We used the experience we had of working in local print studios and introduced this to our business making DoomsdayCo garments all printed and produced in house.

Fast forward to today and we now produce every single one of our garments here in South Wales. This includes all aspects of embroidery, screen printing and digital printing. We work with some of the most established traditional tattoo artists in the world, showcasing the art they produce through the highest quality garments. 

Our team has grown massively over the last 9 years. We now have a team of seamstresses, screen printers, digital printers and embroiders, not forgetting our customer service and operations team. Our aim is to share what we produce with every corner of the world. After starting with t-shirts and hoodies, we now have a product range of over 700 garments and accessories. 

Here at DoomsdayCo our core value is quality and design. With this in mind, every item we produce is quality checked by one of the DoomsdayCo team. We do this to make sure every garment is of the highest possible quality.

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