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Baldo Tengu T-Shirt - White

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This tee of Baldo's double faced Tengu design is so fresh! The Baldo Tengu T-Shirt in crisp white is a regular fit, crew neck tee perfect for any season. Wear with shorts for an easy, edgy summer look, wear with sweats for a cosy, snug winter look, and wear all year round with jeans or trousers for a chic, stylish look. The Baldo Tengu T-Shirt pairs with any outfit. On the front, a simple and timeless design of ready-to-bloom flowers - the reds and greens incorporated within this design give off such a radiant extremity. Our iconic DoomsdayCo logo sits proudly on the chest, created by a classic Doomsday font. On the back of the tee, insane artwork of Baldo's classic whirlwind design, accompanied by a rad take on a Japanese Tengu or heavenly dog. This design has so many crazy elements: the beautiful line work within the hair, the awesome black and brown colours that contrast with each other so well, and the small details of bloomed flowers to match the front design.